Rental Property Research Consortium

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The purpose of this study is to better understand the experiences of residential rental property owners in select cities in the US, and in particular, the challenges they face during changing market conditions and catastrophes. To carry out this research, we have developed a survey instrument, which we will administer annually over three years. The survey covers three areas of interest. The first is owner characteristics, including demographic information, years in the business, and motivations for becoming a landlord. The second is portfolio-specific questions, including the number of units and buildings in the portfolio, operating income and expenses, average rents, outstanding debt, and ownership structure. The third focuses on decisions related to operating the rental business, including filling vacancies, evictions, rent decreases or increases, and property maintenance. This also includes the property owner’s future plans for the business, including growth or reduction in the portfolio.

Respondents have the opportunity to complete a paper survey or to answer online. The survey provided here is the instrument we sent out in 2022. The 2023 survey has a few minor changes that respond to comments we received in the survey responses. We will post that survey after we have collected the data.